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At Law School Success, we’re passionate about empowering law students

around Australia to succeed.

Whether you're looking to improve your study skills, increase your grades,

get your first law job or find a career path that's right for you -

we can help.

Our team of experienced academics and recent graduates are available online

to share their tips and tricks for success - both during law school and beyond. 

We believe that a successful life in the law is possible without sacrificing

your happiness, health or who you are.


How we support you


Study skills


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Student testimonials



4th year law student

Getting one on one advice with Kath was a really valuable opportunity for me. I was midway through my penultimate year, wondering if I should apply for a clerkship, and whether it was the right thing to do.

Kath is deeply knowledgeable about legal careers and gives great advice based on your interests and where you are in your degree. However, the reason I think Kath is such an invaluable resource, is that she gets law school. She understands the pressures and anxiety that come with it, and her advice is that much better for it. I could not recommend her program highly enough!

Did you know on average, law students
spend over 30% of their waking hours studying?

To make the most of this time


Start studying early

It’s never too early to start studying law. The sooner you begin going over your class notes and readings, the sooner you’ll understand the law (and your study will get easier). Focus on developing summaries as these help you remember the most important information.


Keep an up-to-date calendar

Keeping on top of your study requires a regularly updated calendar and to-do list. Estimate how long it will take you to do each task and keep track by marking things off your list as they're finished. Importantly - plan ahead for any assessment.


Pace yourself

A semester of law school is more like a marathon than a sprint. Keeping motivated requires you stay on top of your wellbeing and break your study tasks up into manageable pieces. Don't leave everything until the end!


Learn effective study techniques

Most law students assume they know how to study well based on past successes. But research in psychology shows that many traditional techniques are time consuming and ineffective. To learn the best way to study - sign up for our Secret to Effective Study in Law skills session.