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What law school doesn't teach you (and we do!)

How great would it be if law school taught you how to  

* write great law essays (and get a DN every time)

* prepare a great CV and cover letter (that's unique to you and gets you the job you want) and

* know what type of law related job would really suit you (and how to get there).

It would be amazing because these are things every law student deserves to know.

So Law School Success fills the gap by running courses, events, mentoring and posts on all these topics. 

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What students are saying


2nd year law student

Dr Kath Hall addressed what law school doesn't teach you that you should know and master as a law student. For writing great essays, she outlined what markers are looking for, the factors that academics take into account when designing exams and importantly, the technique for giving your markers precisely what they seek. Structure, format, and argument are the three components of the technique. I liked what Kath mentioned about how you won't have to work as hard in law school once you've mastered the technique. I can't recommend her session highly enough.

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