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From law school to living and working in Rwanda

At law school I was interested in competition law and corporations law. ⁹

After completing my degree at ANU I took a job as an investigator at the ACCC.

I then took a posting in Samoa through the DFAT Australian Volunteers programme, training Samoan government officials in competition law. From there I became interested to study international development so did a Masters on the topic in London, before taking a job working as an embedded legal advisor for the government of Rwanda.

I'm now working for a think tank called the International Institute For Sustainable Development advising developing country governments on international investment law, focusing on international investment treaties, investor-state dispute settlement and investor-state contracts. We aim to support developing country governments to be able to attract and govern foreign direct investment in a way that promotes sustainable development and doesn’t undermine their ability to regulate in the public interest.

My advice to students wanting a public interest career is don’t stop learning at law school. Follow your curiosity and learn as much as you can about the specific topics in public interest law that excite you. Use webinars and other learning events as an opportunity to engage with organisations and experts doing interesting work in the fields you’re interested in. Write blogs or articles to help you sharpen your thoughts and understanding of the content and to demonstrate knowledge and interest in the topics that excite you – this can be really useful in applying for roles or reaching out to ask about opportunities.


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