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Career advice and planning

Expert career advice plus a detailed CV review

Service Description

Testimonials 4th year law student Getting one on one advice with Kath was a really valuable opportunity for me. I was midway through my penultimate year, wondering if I should apply for a clerkship, and whether it was the right thing to do. Kath is deeply knowledgeable about legal careers and gives great advice based on your interests and where you are in your degree. However, the reason I think Kath is such an invaluable resource, is that she gets law school. She understands the pressures and anxiety that come with it, and her advice is that much better for it. I could not recommend her program highly enough! Final year law student I just want to say thank you Kath for your very practical and personalised feedback. I attended quite a few career events and fairs but none of them are as practical as your sessions. Based on your suggestion of building local advocacy experience first and then transitioning into the international law field, I am reconnecting with my mentor who is an excellent barrister to ask for his experience in local advocacy work. I found the sessions comprehensive and extremely practical. 4th year law student The Law School Success Program has provided invaluable guidance as I navigated my way through the final years of law school. It provided a fresh perspective on the value of a law degree, and the diverse opportunities that would be open to me upon graduation. Kath Hall's approachability and willingness to assist allowed me to effectively connect with legal professionals, ultimately landing me an internship. My only regret is not finding this earlier in my degree! 2nd year law student What pleased me about our mentoring session was the down-to-earth, realistic and “human touch” that you had; I felt as though you gave me the ability to express myself and my feelings, thoughts and emotions as to my law studies but also my inter-personal world. I was able to grasp a clearer picture as to the next steps that I can take to reach my goal.

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