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Improve your assessment skills & grades

High value discussion on how to master all law assessment

Service Description

Testimonials 2nd year law student Dr Kath Hall addressed what law school doesn't teach you that you should know and master as a law student. For writing great essays, she outlined what markers are looking for, the factors that academics take into account when designing exams and importantly, the technique for giving your markers precisely what they seek. Structure, format, and argument are the three components of the technique. I liked what Kath mentioned about how you won't have to work as hard in law school once you've mastered the technique. I can't recommend her session highly enough. First year JD law student After receiving a horrendous mark for an exam, I was on the verge of dropping out of law school. Kath's name was mentioned to me by a friend and after my first chat with her, I knew that she'd be pivotal in turning my marks around and learning the techniques to succeed in law school. She assured me that I wasn't too stupid for law school, as I had been telling myself, but that I just needed to learn the techniques and strategies to succeed. She was right. She helped me review an upcoming essay that would have received a Pass mark and helped me turn it into a Distinction! It was the first time that I felt I could actually do this! 5th year law student Thank you, Dr Hall, for this fantastic session on essay writing! I wish I experienced this earlier in my degree. Your clear, logical approach backed up with some psychological reasoning was highly effective at teaching and inspiring great essay writing.

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